How to add a case study

  1. Language: Choose your language ("British English" only for December 2018 gamma release).
  2. Register/login: Register a new user or log in using your credentials (click on the confirmation link in you email inbox to verify your account).
  3. Click "+ Contribute".
  4. Choose between:
  5. Complete the relevant form: You can click "Save" at any time and log out of the system if you need to complete the full case study over two or more sessions. The full case study form is dynamic, meaning you will be presented with different questions depending on the subjects you are talking about.
  6. Submit: When you are happy with your case study, click "Submit".
  7. Review: Your case study will then be sent to the ojuso Moderators who will review the case study (if you are interested in becoming a Moderator, let us know).
  8. Questions and approval: If the ojuso Moderators have any questions (and you have said you would like to be contacted in this regard) they will try to ask you before placing the case study on the ojuso Map.
If you are interested in writing a technology assessment or policy analysis to appear on this site, please email