Accountability and dialogue in the renewable energy economy

A disturbingly large number of green energy projects have been implicated in: land grabs, displacement of vulnerable communities, indigenous rights violations, violence against human rights defenders, and the destruction of unique ecosystems and sites of cultural and spiritual significance. Similar problems occur in the supply chain of elements of the renewable energy economy.

These practices happen because of the lack of effective community engagement in the renewable energy sector. FPIC (Free, Prior and Informed Consent) processes are typically limited and inadequate. If the sector fails to address and reverse this situation, it will face growing resistance, widespread criticism and more risk. This would result in higher costs, erosion of public support and a slower energy transition. Impacted communities, responsible market players and society at large would suffer dire consequences.

ojuso is an effort to get community engagement right and to strengthen socio-environmental standards and accountability in the renewable energy economy. It brings together communities, ethical market players (investors, banks, project developers, energy companies, equipment manufacturers), and concerned civil society (NGOs and academia) in a collective effort to:

We are now at the gamma release of the platform (December 2018) and are thus looking for feedback -

The ojuso online platform fosters constructive solutions through collaboration, and exposes unscrupulous market players. It has been developed by Yansa and the Gaia Foundation with support from the Swift Foundation and partners from indigenous communities, impact investment, philanthropy, academia and the renewable energy sector. We are looking for additional partners to reach a wider audience and improve the functionality and impact of the platform.